Ghetto Gaggers Face Fucking At Ghetto Gaggers

The Aruba Ghetto Gaggers Video

While Aruba might not be Tyra Banks, she is leaps and bounds above some of the heffers that are filmed for Ghetto Gaggers. She pranced in with her ghetto attitude, her long weave and a tight little ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. After she did some sexy posing for the camera, and went through a quick interview, Duke Skywalker, Big Red and the Ghetto Gaggers crew got down to business. They shoved white cock after white cock in her face and really let her know what her role was: To please these white men in every way possible.

Aruba peeled back her dick sucking lips and invited the white dicks insode to feel the inner lining of her whore throat. With each pump, the cocks pushed down her throat a bit deeper, until she was puking up her ghetto cuisine all over the place. Once the first fountain of vomit made it's appearance, the face fucking went into overdrive.

Once the whore bowl was filled with her vomit, and her weave was soaked in spew, the guys turned their attention to her tight black pussy. She jumped on top of Big Red's 9 inch white pole and she bounced like a rubber ball. She slid up and down his pole like a fireman that had too much espresso. She was then thrown onto her back as a choke hold was applied and he burried his bone deep in her ovaries. Slaps, spit and muff mauling occured and Aruba loved every minute of it.

As Big Red prepped to drain his balls, the other guys in the Ghetto gagger crew warmed her up with a white cum shower. The jizz dribbled down her face, into her eyes and made friendly with her weave. Just when she thought it was over, Big Red popped a big white wad all over her ebony face. After rubbing the sperm in like lotion, a hard pimp slap was applied, making sure that her gooey white face wasn't wiping clean for quote some time!

Aruba Drinks Grape Soda Aruba Fucks A White Guy


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